Summary: Could She Have Been Saved By Megan Kanka

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Could She Have Been Saved? In 2007, there were 284,300 victims of rape, or sexual assault ( One in six women and one in thirty-three men will be a victim of sexual assault in their life time ( Every two minutes someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted, and only 60% of sexual assaults are reported to police ( Of those that are reported, only 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail ( This article is about a seven-year-old girl named Megan Kanka. Who is Megan Kanka? What is she doing to benefit Americans today? What is Megan’s law? And how can this seven-year-old save you and your family from becoming a statistic? Megan Kanka was a seven-year-old second grader with a candid smile and pudgy cheeks, who was violently raped and killed by a known child molester who moved across the street from her family ( along with his roommates who were also known child molesters. Back then child sex offenders could leave prison and quietly slip into the anonymity of any neighborhood without raising an eyebrow, their checkered past remaining a well guarded secret from unsuspecting neighbors ( times/stories/molesters5_main bar.html).…show more content…
Though her final breath was taken in 1994, seven-year-old Megan Kanka has changed, and possibly even saved the lives of many Americans. Megan may have died on July 29, but since that day, her legacy lives on. Megan’s mother said she believes that Megan was destined to die in order to save the lives of other children ( By inspiring the Megan Kanka Foundation and giving America a reason for Megan’s Laws Megan is still benefiting America today, by giving families and kids the resources to stay safe, and learn about sexual
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