The Gifts Taken from the Garden of Eden

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The Gifts Taken from the Garden of Eden There are two gifts taken from the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve when they two were forced to leave there. But which two gifts had they taken from there? I offered this question to many people before, and someone responded, “Were they fig leaves?” — Eve had already dressed herself with those leaves, surely she would take that. Another one said: “Was it the serpent that instigated both of them to eat the forbidden fruit from tree of the knowledge of good and evil?” — To revenge themselves on that wicked serpent, after becoming exiles, they carried it away with them from the Garden of Eden. That could explain why there are numerous kinds of serpents all through the secular world. And there still came another version of answer, “It must be the fruit core!” the person said. — So far as Eve had eaten the delicious pulp, she would figure out that the core was so worthy to take away with them, surely she would stow it stealthily when leaving. Here comes the correct answer: Ferociously furious with what Adam and Eve had done, God was going to expel both of them from the Garden of Eden. Adam took a slight overlook of the worldly creatures, all walks of life have to endure suffering and risk their lives to survive. Afraid of those tribulations would fall upon Eve and him, Adam pled with God to offer some expedients for subsistence at the mercy of God’s forgiveness. Then, out of consideration, God acceded to his pleading, “I will bestow two things on you: one is rest, the other is tear.” Having taking the two expedients, Adam and Eve departed from the warm and beautiful paradise to the secular world full of trials and afflictions. The first time when I heard this story, I was young. And I felt that God was not so generous. Since rest is personal, so is tear, it is nothing worthy of such donations by the name of God’s deed. Human

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