Slave Race Research Paper

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Long before humans were born from this planet, there were already beings and civilization here on Earth. We can call them the ones that came before us, a race with a highly and much more advanced technology that anyone of us could ever imagine and thus often mistaken by as gods. Eventually they got to a point of technology where in they could create life and engineer genetics thus creating a society of beings to do the work they had been doing themselves for so long. They designed their slave race, the humans, very like them as they saw themselves as the most fitting framework to build beings over that could accomplish daily tasks, build and serve. Part of the design of the human race was a system of control, because they understood that any…show more content…
Yet the so-called gods made us too much like them and for some reason something changed, unhappiness in us began. Whether it was cross breeding between the gods and humans, or basic evolution. It seems, as at some point the effect of the apples seemed to weaken. A man and a woman of the slave race named Adam and Eve, knew to some degree that they and their race were being controlled by these apples, they found themselves, for an amount of time, outside of this mental control. So they took it upon themselves to revolt against their masters and succeeded in stealing an apple. This caused our entire race to fall from this state of ignorant bliss, to wake up from the mind prison. The slave race rose up against the gods after having awakened to the truth of their situation. The slaves left Eden, the civilized area the gods lived. The war raged, and both the gods and mankind were so busy on each other a catastrophe was not noticed and it hit the earth where in only a few of them survived. Adam and Eve having the apple heavily influenced the fact they survived the catastrophe and thus began a new tree of evolution that leads to the present day
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