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Lesson A Get ready A How do you define self-confidence? B Do you think the people in the photos are self-confident? Why or why not? 1 Talk about the pictures Building self-confidence 1 2 UNIT 2 Listening A Listen and answer the questions. 1. What was the listening about? 2. Who is more self-confident, David or Sarah? Why? 2 B Listen again. Take notes on the key information. David Strengths: Weaknesses: Sarah Strengths: Weaknesses: Listen again. Check your answers. Did you miss anything important? C Exchange notes with a partner. Do the notes answer the following questions? 1. What are David’s strengths and weaknesses? 2. What are Sarah’s strengths and weaknesses? D Discuss. Talk with your classmates. 1. Do you agree with the decision to promote David? Why or why not? 2. Why do you think self-confident people are more successful? 3. Are you self-confident? Why or why not? 13 Building self-confidence Lesson B The present passive 1 Grammar focus: Subject + be + past participle Passive sentences have the form subject + be + past participle. A passive verb is used to focus on what happens to the subject. A phrase consisting of by + noun comes after the passive verb only if it is important to know who or what performs the action. Active Life experiences affect self-confidence. The support you receive determines your inner feelings. Passive Self-confidence is affected by life experiences. Your inner feelings are determined by the support you receive. 2 Practice A Write. Is the sentence active or passive? Write A or P. P 1. The employees are encouraged by their supervisor to have a good attitude. 2. Charles is often criticized by his professors for being late. 3. The economy discourages Mr. Chung from leaving his job. 4.

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