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Knifes. Everywhere knives. In Molly Ivins’ piece, “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, But Get Rid of Guns”, she expresses her concern with open accessibility to guns as well her firm stance on owning a knife. The thoughts of Ms. Ivins were very personal and incredibly stupid. She states at the very beginning that she is not anti-gun, but her words throughout her writing say differently. She’s proknife and I am too. I will tell you why guns are still needed and why there is some merit to Ivins words. Her views are so unrealistic that it is hard to take serious so I’d consider her piece a work of humor instead. A benefit of a nation without guns would be that we would turn into a nation of great runners. What does she think… that guns are a contributing factor in the nation’s obesity problem? The general safety of having guns around is a big issue that is brought up. Yes, people do not usually accidently kill themselves while cleaning their knives as is sometimes the case with guns. Knives, when used in a fight, seldom kill another person besides the intended victim as well. But those are poor examples to use to promote blades over bullets.…show more content…
However Ivin does try to. There are people that do not have the skill sets to operate a car safely just like there are some who own guns. We do license cars and people that own and operate automobiles. We track the sale of them and hope that the people have common sense in the operation of them. This is where I agree with Ivin. The regulations on firearms should be more strict and diffently more training is needed before ownership. These are changes that I believe is just common sense to the safety of families. The terrible truth is that the guns that are being used in most of these crimes are gotten illegally anyway. What use would it be to make new laws when a person can get a handgun on the streets for fifty bucks

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