Genocide Speaks Native Language Analysis

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Transcript | | |00:00:01 |That's worse than war. | |00:00:04 |Captioning made possible byfriends of nci .. | |00:00:12 |.. | |00:00:16 |And the einhorn family charitable trust. | |00:00:23 |.. | |00:00:43 |[Bird chirping] Man: So all the people here murdered…show more content…
you can't be here if you haven't killed. | |00:01:31 |[Bird chirping] can you show me how you-- how the person was hacked? | |00:01:42 |[Translator speaks native language] I've been thinkingand writing about genocide for nearly 30 | | |years, it's something people don't much like to talk about and about which most of us remain…show more content…
| |00:07:58 |Why should it be any different when the victims are somewhere else? | |00:08:05 |Like the people in your community, each genocide victim is an individual. | |00:08:10 |A father, a mother, a daughter, a son. | |00:08:18 |As a scholar, I spend most of my time in archives and libraries. | |00:08:22 |But over the past year, I traveled to these "somewhere elses," the sites of some of the worst mass | | |murders of our time. | |00:08:31 |[Birds chirping] [door clangs] it's been decades studying nazis and the holocaust, genocide, but | | |I've never been in a gas chamber before. | |00:08:59 |I started my journey mindful that there has never been a time during the past century when our

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