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Beyond the Body Farm is a novel comprised of multiple short stories about some of Dr. Bill Bass’ countless experiences over decades as what some call a “bone detective”. Dr. Bass’ detailed accounts of multiple of his favorite and most challenging cases all show the diversity of methods used and the dedication required to be successful in the field of forensic anthropology. More importantly though, these retellings are meant to educate readers on forensic anthropology beyond the boundaries of CSI type television shows, and illustrate the stark contrast between TV and reality. “Shedding Light on a Victim's Bones” was a case which used UV light extensively to determine the identity of the bones. The initial use of the UV light was to conclude…show more content…
The defendant, a man named Jeffery Middlebrook admitted to the crime immediately. However, after a thorough autopsy, it was found that the victim was killed nearly a week before Middlebrook said he had been there, and there was video footage of him in another state at the estimated time of death, making things even murkier than before. Dr. Bass was called in for his expertise. Dr. Bass studied the case reports, crime scene photos, and weather reports, finding that because of frigid temperatures during the days between death and the discovery of Barnett’s body, very little decomposition had taken place .Despite the temperatures, however, there were multiple colonies of mold growing on Barnett’s body. Consequently, Bass determined that much more time had passed than the original autopsy would suggest, meaning that while Middlebrook had been in another state for the original TOD, he was in fact in town around Bass’ new estimated Time of…show more content…
A couple of children found parts of a human skeleton along the bank of Norris Lake in Knoxville, Tennessee. Remaining were the ribs, a couple of long bones, sections of spine and neck, and the skull. The medical examiner hesitantly identified the bones as Leoma Patterson's but he was unsure

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