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Topic Proposal: Horse Slaughter Horses are used for companionship, pleasure, jobs, profit, and transportation. Throughout history this has not changed, people depend on horses for all those things and many more. In return they provide the horse with food, water, shelter, and care. Everything a horse deserves and earns for their services to humans. Sadly, when some horses can no longer complete their expected duties they face a life filled with uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. They endure the pain of neglect, starvation, and often times the terror of death at a slaughter house. The slaughter of horses is an unnecessary and inhumane act that has no reason to continue. There are many arguments within the topic of horse slaughter. Throughout…show more content…
This “excuse” for wanting to keep this cruel act legal is quickly dismissed when taking a look at the historical records of horse slaughter. The number of horses slaughtered in the U.S. has changed dramatically in the past twenty years. Peaking at nearly 350,000 annually in the late 1980s, and falling to a little more than 42,000 in 2002, its lowest level in recorded history. This represtents an almost 89% decline in the number of horses killed for their meat over a fifteen-year period (Goydon Kindel 10). In this fifteen-year period no one has observed a rise in neglect or abuse. The argument that doing away with slaughter will lead to an increase in horse neglect and abuse simply has no basis in fact. Horse slaughter has been in decline and so has horse abuse and neglect. A rebuttal to this statement would be to suggest that the unwanted horses from the U.S. are sent off to Canada or Mexico to be slaughtered. They believe that for every horse not slaughtered in the U.S. there is a live horse exported to Mexico and Canada. Although, available data reveals that the number of live horses exported from the U.S. has remained fairly stable through the 1990s. Indeed, the data shows that rather than increasing over the past 10 years or so-as the inverse relationship argument says they will-that the number of live horse exports to our nearest neighbors has actually

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