Gender Portrayals and Stereotypes in Advertising

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Gender Portrayals and Stereotypes in Advertising 1302 Writing 101 Professor January 26, 2011 Gender stereotypes are just that, a stereotype. Gender stereotypes are considered to be general beliefs that we assume from birth, and as we develop as young men and women we begin to find ourselves thrown into a world of appeal. In examining gender roles, our purpose will be to look at how advertisements are presented to appeal to both men and women. Using two advertisements, and compare and contrast to determine if advertisers portray stereotypes through everyday advertisements. What we must understand is advertisement is all about appearances. It is also about information and what excites us as consumers. Stereotypes alone pave the way to sexism and the idea that one sex is superior to the other. For the purpose of this paper the advertisement projected toward women will be ad number one and the advertisement projected toward men will be ad number two. First let us look at advertisement one. Initially, advertisement one was not specifically directed toward women. It began with three ladies at a local bar. However, there were some traditional indicators that pointed the way especially when Romeo strolled up. I still believe traditionally the media portrays women as they were portrayed in the early 19th century. Women were often seen in conservative dress with a hint of elegance. Amazingly enough this advertisement was just that. Olay is a beauty product for both women and men but appeals mainly to the woman. This Olay commercial, though a deodorant commercial, directly mentioned the words “no irritation.” This is ideal for women but different for man. The commercial ends with a rendezvous on the dance floor with a woman being swept off her feet by Romeo himself. So how is this stereotyping? How is this add directly pointed at the female race?
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