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MEMORANDUM Date: today jUJJJJJJJJ J Subject: Marketing Communication Strategy for Gardenburger To: professor From: student ____________________________________________________________ ________ Introduction: Gardenburger (GB) is a principal, manufacturer, and marketer of substitute meat burgers. The company was founded by restaurant entrepreneur and chef, Paul Werener in an effort to deliver consumers with food choices that promote health, as well as provide flavorsome food. Presently, Lyle Hubbard serves as the CEO of Gardenburger and wants to improve on their advertising strategy. The company is committed to making the Gardenburger the “veggie burgers” to buy when it comes to meatless eating. In order for Gardenburger to achieve this level of brand awareness, it would be in their best interest to bring its product into the mainstream consumer marketplace. This would enable them to compete in all key distribution channels. GB sells its products at a higher price due to the fact they use higher quality ingredients, which deems it a “premium” product. BG is not trying to have their veggie burgers taste like meat, but have its own unique flavor. As a result, GB is committed in their approach in trying to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for the world and advocate the benefits of meatless eating to aid in sustaining the integrity of our world. POSITIONING STATEMENT Gardenburger’s veggie burger is for the health conscious consumers who are looking for healthier alternatives to meat. It is made from the finest natural ingredients and provides great-tasting flavor. The Gardenburger is dedicated to creating and promoting meatless and other healthy food items that is very flavorable. TARGET SEGMENT Target markets for consumers buying meat alternatives fall into three different groups: vegetarians, health modifiers, and cultural

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