Garage Sales Essay

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Why I Love Garage Sales I understand that individuals don’t like the idea of buying things second- hand, but I am not one of those individuals. I love to visit garage sales because it gives me the opportunity to purchase second- hand goods, find antiques and purchase items to resale for a profit. At times when I visit garage sales I am able to purchase items that give me the same quality as if I brought the item from a major department store. For example, I went to a garage sale that showcased a variety of clothes likes Shawn John and Rocawear jeans and name brand shirts in a variety of sizes with the department store sale tags still on them. The price on the store tags show that the items sold at a retail price of $60 for the jeans and $30 to $40 for the shirts. I couldn’t believe I was able to purchase the jeans for the price of 5 pair of jeans for $25 and the shirts for $2 apiece? What a steal, don’t you think? Going to garage sales also gives me the opportunity to look at and purchase antiques that are in good condition. About a year ago I visited a garage sale that sold old watches and a lot of them didn’t work because the batteries in them were dead but their physical conditions were extremely good. One watch I saw was a gold Genève Classic women’s watch that had little shine to it but the detail was extremely beautiful. It had little gold shaped leaves around the band and a square facing with gold half circles around the edges and the way the clasp connected the two ends together made it seem more like a bracelet. The watch had an embedded stamp on the clasp that said 14 carat. The stamp made me want the watch even more. I obtained the watch for a minimal price of $ 3. Out of curiosity I took it to a jewelry store to have a new battery placed in it but I said to myself, “What the heck let me get it appraised while I am here.” Let me tell you, I am glad I
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