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Future of Modernization Paper

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Future of Modernization Paper

Axia College of University of Phoenix
June 6, 2010

In societies today the thought comes across with new ideas and modern ways to build on foundation and seek change of their tradition. While these changes are made, tradition can be become lost; although industrialization and modernization sets in.   Assumptions are made that societies develop in fairly predictable stages through which they become increasingly complex. Modernization theory in the modern age looks at how new technologies and systems are leading to a more greatly homogenized world.   Among the only indictors of survival, modernization presents social structures, especially those are established in industrialized societies in which urbanization and technological have advanced. This paper discusses how modernization manifests itself in the U. S. societies, and its possibility of continuation of a world-wide trend. In addition, consequences of modernization by revealing, which theorist best reflect the perceptions of modernization.
Manifestation of Modernization
Modernization is the process that happens gradually in the way of industrialization, urbanization and societal changes that transform our population. The communities are becoming smaller, and the aging are becoming more aware of the future. “Modernization theory claims that in the past, the entire world was poor and technological change, especially the Industrial Revolution, enhanced human productivity and raised living standards in many nations” (Macionis, 2006, p. 470).   The term modernization is used often when describing the transition from conventional society to contemporary society as it is in Western civilizations. Ferdinand Tonnies’ theory of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft explains that “Industrial Revolution weakened the social fabric of family and tradition by introducing a businesslike emphasis on facts, efficiency, and money” (Macionis 2006, p. 457)....

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