The Stalemated Seventies Essay

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Chapter 39: The Stalemated Seventies A. Describe the economic situation going into the 1970s- The baby boom generation would be making less money than their parents but as the economic growth crested, the American spirit gave an unaccustomed sense of limits. I. Sources of Stagnation A. List a few reasons economists speculate could be the cause of the slump in productivity increasing presence in the work force of women and teens (had lower skills, less likely to take full time jobs),declining investment in new machinery, general shift of American economy from manufacturing to services B. Sharply rising oil prices in the 1970s also fed inflation, but its deepest roots lay in government policies of the 1960s—especially Lyndon Johnson’s insistence…show more content…
It (Nixon Doctrine) proclaimed that the United States would honor its existing defense commitments but that in the future, Asians and others would have to fight their own wars without the support of large bodies of American ground troops. E. Because draft policies largely exempted college students and men with critical civilian skills, the armed forces in Vietnam were largely composed of the least privileged young Americans. F. Domestic disgust with the war was s further deepened in 1970 by revelations that in 1968 American troops had massacred innocent women and children in the village of My Lai. III. Cambodianizing the Vietnam War A. Suddenly, on April 29, 1970, without consulting Congress, Nixon ordered American forces to join with the South Vietnamese in cleaning out the enemy sanctuaries in officially neutral Cambodia B. SO WHAT—Kent State Massacre- Kids at college were protesting and acting reckless and the national guard had to come and settle things, and they ended up firing and killed and injured some kids. C. Define: 26th Amendment- voting would be changed to 18 years of age D. New combustibles fueled the fires of antiwar discontent in June 1971, when The New York Times published a top-secret Pentagon study of America’s involvement in the Vietnam

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