Future of Mankind

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Future of mankind Pessimistic or optimistic? There are different opinions concerning the future of mankind. On the one hand people are optimistic, but on the other hand pessimistic. Do we have to worry about our future, or the future of our children, or will everything be fine the way it is right now? To illustrate this point, this essay will take a closer look on the march of technology, overpopulation and environmental problems. First of all the march of technology. Because of the latest inventions, engines can take over many simple actions. And through the years, inventors are discovering new methods, so that they are able to take over many more acts. It is said to be quicker and cheaper, but the other side of the story is that it causes unemployment. Factories do not need as many employees as they needed before. And another problem caused by the march of technology is the fact that devices can cause over expulsion of gasses; a serious problem for the entire world. Secondly there is the problem of overpopulation. Everyday the number of people in the world rises. And everyday there are more people in need of food, work, water, electricity, etcetera. But at some level it stops, then there will not be enough for everybody anymore. Result: shortage in required matters. Another problem caused by overpopulation: increasing garbage. The process of converting garbage into scrap causes expulsion of gasses; again, the same problem, maybe sensible to be taken serious. Last, but not least, environmental problems. For example the burning of fossil fuels. That has already resulted in global warming and climate change. And also dangerous is the depletion of the ozone layer; because of the depletion the quality of the air declines and the UV-radiation has got an easier access to us. All of these are examples of important issues facing our lives today. In short,
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