Functions of Public Relations

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Functions of Public Relations The term Public Relations (PR) is used to encompass the strategies used to impact an organization’s publics. Organizations use strategies to generate, preserve and protect the reputation of the organization. Public Relations strategies are used to present the organization in a positive image to the publics. The purpose of this paper is to identify a familiar organization and identify issues with regard to organizational and societal implications. The paper will then give a personal viewpoint on how to address both organizational and societal audiences. Organizational Responsibilities One organizational function of public relations is media relations. Organizations use mass media to influence its publics. Organizations use a public relation plans to determine what messages are displayed with the public. Often an organization’s reputation, profitability and continued existence depend on the support received from the target audience. Organizational functions of public relations help the public adapt with the community. Organizational functions of public relations include community relations, media, consumer relations, industry relations, publicity, governmental and political campaigns. Each function serves a different purpose for the company. The purpose of many of the listed functions involve keeping the shareholders and publics informed of company activities Social Responsibility Social responsibility is a term used to describe how an organization contributes to the community and not-for-profit organizations. According to Fraser Seitel, “Both profit and nonprofit organizations must become more diverse as well and must learn to deal and communicate with those who differ in work background, education, age, gender, race, ethnic origin, physical abilities, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other perceived

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