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Personal Value Abel Edouard University of Phoenix Mgt/521 Miss. W. 10/12/09 Personal value According to the assessment which is Ethics Awareness Inventory (Williams Institute for Ethics and Management), my ethical perspective is mainly based on obligation, and least likely is based on equity. In this generation business, ethical treatment toward others is now different, and supervisors are being way less ethical toward decisions they face and make at the place that they work. People’s values are very personal, they are ethics, and beliefs rolled into just one. I think everyone of us has an obligation to make a choice which would be good for the whole, yet do not infringe upon the rights of a person. For example, in…show more content…
Ethics Awareness Inventory which is where I did my assessment which supports my principles that human beings are entitled to basic rights; consequently, actions have to respect the rights of others. Someone who does not respect other people is not respected person. This person has to treat others the way he would like to be treated. As individuals we suppose to have the right to make our own decision, and if those decisions affect others in a harm way we already know there are consequences for those who attend to break the laws they could have everything in their own way regardless of whom pays the consequence. Those unethical behaviors we could not accept, because that will have affected in us all. Even most of the times we attend to look over someone else beside ourselves for our own benefit, but we still look out for each others. According to J Michael and Barry…show more content…
Values have been shown to influence manager-subordinate relationships, and that specific organizational processes such as group behavior, communication style, leadership effectiveness, and conflict level may be directly related to similarity in values among organizational members In view of the rather pervasive impact that values may have on organizational behavior, it is essential to know more about the ability of available instruments to accurately measure values. Such research should focus on the application of personal values profiles to critical areas of organizational decision making such as promotion, job satisfaction, leadership ability, employee motivation, and the numerous dimensions of employee

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