From A Secret Sorrow Analysis

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When reading the short story, From a Secret Sorrow by Karen Van Der Zee, Faye experiences a sense of love and dissatisfaction. The intensity of the emotions in this story is commonly relatable and predictable, making this story not only powerful but a form of formula fiction as well. The events that occur to Faye, quickly leads the reader to the themes of love, dissatisfaction, and the happy ending that is easily predicted. Although Faye’s conflict is resolved very fast, and typical of a happy modern day romance story, it allows the reader to feel a sense of comfort, Bad things happen to good people, but if you have love there is hope. Faye is a fragile woman who is recovering from a traumatic accident. When reading the first sentence, something is making her feel distraught. “Could feel the blood drain from her face and for one horrifying moment she though she was going to faint right in Kai’s arms”(31). It is not clear what it is that has Faye in such a dramatic state. In the following paragraphs, the author uses descriptive language to keep the reader engaged to find out what’s wrong with her and why she feels this way. “She…show more content…
With the love of her fiancé, Kai, she was able to fulfill a happy life with the three children they adopted. Faye’s life could not be any better with the new family and home she desired for, with the love of her life by her side. “Time passed, and in the low white ranch home under the blue skies of Texas they flourished like the crops in the fields. They grow tall and straight and healthy and the fear in their dark eyes faded”(38). Not everything in life will bring happiness, but with the help and support of loved ones, anybody should be able to find resolutions to their problems and move on with their lives. For Faye, she was on the verge of giving up hope because of extreme dissatisfaction with herself, but since she had the love and support of Kai, her worst fear ended with true
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