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Freedom Writers From the moment that I saw Mrs. Gruell, she was an outstanding teacher. The reasons why she was the astounding teacher she turned out to be is because she came into her teaching career with high expectations, also she had a very positive attitude with her students even when they didn’t believe in themselves. Another reason why I believe she is a great teacher is because she was always in a situation where she had to go against the will of the other teachers. She always pushed her students to next level, even when she knew it would take a lot to make them cooperate. She was the kind of teacher that would go out of her way to get a little attention from her students, and she was a very caring woman. Mrs. Gruell was most defiantly a good teacher in my eyes. An example of her being a good teacher was when she had the author of the book Anne Frank come to talk to her class of her courageous days during to Holocaust. In the movie Freedom Writers there were numerous scenes that were surprising to me. There was one scene in particular that stood out more than others. That particular scene was when the girl was in court testifying whether or not the innocent boy that was accused of the murder was guilty. Then she remembered what she has been learning in school about other races and how much they have in common. The reason why it was so surprising to me is because she for once thought about the other person rather than protecting her own. Once she looked at her mother and the victim’s family, so finally gave in and told the truth. For a person to have that much courage and stand up for what is right, even though they know the consequences will not be good, is something very hard to do. In this film there were a lot of major themes that one could consider being important. The theme that stood out to me the most was the part when the guest speaker came to

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