Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl Essay

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Anne Frank was an amazing, brave, and talented girl. In her diary, we got to know her, and see all of these amazing qualities. The most important effect of publishing her diary was showing how horrific and serious the Holocaust was, and proving that it actually happened. If Anne had lived, I don’t think she would have made a bigger impact than her diary. A diary is a personal book that a person writes all of their feelings, actions, and reactions to events or people. Anne’s diary is much more than that. Her private thoughts and actions were published many years ago, and still live on today. The most important effect of publishing Anne Frank’s diary is that it confirms that the Holocaust happened. This is a very good thing. Because of her stories of her encounters of everyday life, we know three things: the Holocaust was real, the Jews were being persecuted, and that it was very hard on everyone that lived in Holland. Anne’s death was very sad, especially because in her diary, she talked about what she would do after the war was over, and all the things she wanted to do when she grew up. If she survived, I think she would have made less of an impact. Holocaust survivors are very rare these days, but Anne still remains, because of her published diary. She has already made a big impact on the world, just by being in the Holocaust, but her diary has increased her impact. Overall, Anne Frank was and still is a very brilliant and intelligent girl. She proved through her diary that the Holocaust happened, and how awful it was. She made a big impact during her lifetime. Her diary still makes a big impact on life today, and even more so now, than when she was

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