Four Resource Model Essay

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| Four Resource Model | | | | Word count 859 | | Language and literacy is a major part of everyday life, this is the reason for the push in recent times for our children to become lifelong learners of literacy. In 1990, Allan Luke and Peter Freebody developed the Four Resource Model (1990, as cited in Freebody, 2004) . This model breaks the art of reading and comprehension into four skillsets that students can use to become confident readers that are able to construct meaning from text. The first of these is the Text code breaker; this helps the student to crack the codes that are found in our words. Second, is the Text meaning maker, this allows the student to ask what does the text mean to me? Third part of the model is Text user who asks, What do I do with this text? And finally, Text analyst which is where students are asked what does the text do to me? This essay will outline in greater detail only two of the four models, those being Text code breaker and Text user. This essay will look at these models and how they can be used in a classroom situation to assist students’ learning. The Text code breaker asks, how do I crack this code? The emphasis is on learning and using appropriately the code or conventions of language (2010, as cited in Emmitt, M. Zbaracki, M. Komesaroff, L. & Pollock, J.). Students are encouraged to look for interesting, difficult or tricky words and attempt to work out what they are. Students learn that some words may have the same sound or letter patterns. They are shown to look for smaller words within larger more complex ones. What is the context that the word is used? Students are taught to look for the relationships that can be found between words eg. heart beat, or squeaking chair. To be successful readers students need to engage in the technology of

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