Foul Dust In The Great Gatsby Essay

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Key Quotes: Gatsby Quote | Analysis | ‘Foul dust that floated in the wake of his dreams’ Ch1 (pg4) | Gatsby has been destroyed/ruined because of the foul dust that followed his American dream. Possibly referring to people who took advantage of his money or used their power to try and destroy him. Achieving the American Dream doesn’t always result in happiness. | ‘He stretched out his arms towards the dark water’ Ch1 (pg16) | Gatsby truly loved Daisy. This happens when Gatsby thinks no one is watching him therefore we are able to assume it is not part of his image. Illustrating that he physically reaches out for her emphasises his longing for Daisy. | ‘His heart was in a constant, turbulent riot.’ Ch6 (pg63) | Gatsby isn’t content not satisfied…show more content…
His ‘love’ for Daisy came about by his love for wealth and social recognition. | “Her voice is full of money” Ch7 (pg76) | The voice, her golden hair, her clothes, her style- everything about Daisy Buchanan screams wealth. She is the golden girl from a golden past and she epitomises Gatsby’s corrupt dream to make it to the top. She is nothing more than an object to acquire to him. She is nothing more than her money to Gatsby, because it is for her money that Gatsby is in ‘love’ with her. | “It faced- or seemed to face- the whole eternal world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favour.”Ch3 (pg32) | This echoes the quote about Daisy in Ch 1 pg 8 that stated that she had a way of “promising there was no one else in the world she so much wanted to see” than the person she looked at. This parallel indicates Gatsby and Daisy’s abilities to manipulate and shape the people around them into being enchanted by them. This is also evidence for Nick being in admiration (read as gay for) of Gatsby, as he dislikes this trait in Daisy, but finds it positively “gorgeous” in Gatsby.
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