The Great Gatsby Materialism Essay

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David Belfance Pd.2 11/7/12 Mrs. Stephens Desire of Money All through out history people have wanted to marry people who can provide for them. In the time of cavemen the women tried to marry the most prolific hunter so that she wouldn’t starve. The same is true in modern society except that hunting is replaced with the income that they have. For example, people are so attracted to celebrities because of how successful and wealthy they are, along with pro athletes. This concept is shown by Daisy, in the novel The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who personifies this trait extraordinarily well. Human relationship are impacted by materialism, because the wealthier someone is or isn’t, determines, subconsciously, how one acts towards them. Daisy, the most desired person in the story, looks at the world through very materialistic eyes. Nick, Daisy, Tom, Jordan, and Gatsby were in a very LAVISH hotel room in the plaza hotel; where Tom and Gatsby were having a fight over Daisy. Gatsby said, “She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me,” (130). In 1917 it would have been true that once was rich Daisy would have married him, but when Tom bring to the surface the illegal measures Gatsby went to earned his money, Daisy finds him less attractive, because his income could be lost very quickly or…show more content…
When Nick arrives back his house after tea with Jordan, he runs into Gatsby. After talking a little about Daisy, Gatsby says, “I carry on a little business on the side,” (82) and “You might pick up a nice bit of money” (83). To most people being offered a job would be very exciting, but Nick doesn’t like the nonchalant manner in which Gatsby offers him the job. Nick realizes that it was Gatsby’s attempt to buy Nick’s friendship. This proves Gatsby’s materialist ideals, because he believed that if he helped Nick earn more money he would be a

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