Ford Vs. Pinto

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The Ford Pinto Issue MGT/216 In May 1968, the Ford Motor company introduced a domestic sub-compact vehicle that they believed would be phenomenal and competitive on the automotive market. They named the vehicle the Ford Pinto that carried a distinctive look pleasing the consumer's eye. The main objective was a vehicle designed and developed for faster acceleration and speed. During the first few years, the Ford Pinto sales soared through the entire automotive market. Consumers loved this sub-compact vehicle. Looking into the remarks of Mark Dowe from Pinto Madness, “he had put together the story printed here from data obtained for him by some very disaffected Ford engineers. The data suggested that the Pinto had been rushed into production without adequate testing; that it had a very vulnerable fuel system that would rupture with any rear-end collision; that even though the vulnerability was discovered before production, Ford had hurried the Pinto to the market anyway” (Treviño & Nelson, 2007, p. 292). If we were involved in the Ford case we would have considered all of the stakeholders and possible risks that could have been avoided. Taking into thought the long run of the company instead of the losses that the company would inquire in the short-term. By taking appropriate steps to continue the consumer’s trust in the company; first, correcting the items not properly working within the cars’ equipment; second, recalling the automobiles that had been already purchased by the public. Once the consumers would have noticed that the company is doing something to improve their past mistakes, those investments would have helped them with the future of the company as well as the growth of the Pinto model. At the time I believe that the investors of the company made a bad business decision by selling the remaining cars with their defects and everything at a

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