Advertisement Analysis: 2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

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Advertisement Analysis: 2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial Starting off at a scene at the beach, three chubby hamsters are jogging along the coast with Lady Gaga’s latest and greatest hit, “Applause”, playing in the background. Then the three hamsters are working out at the gym harder than any other human being while wearing a shirt that says “ALL BUFF. NO FLUFF.” After the intro of “Applause”, we see a car designer designing the newest version of Kia Soul. The commercial continues with other workout scenes of the three fat hamsters such as cardio, treadmill, and swimming. All of the characters in the scenes are moving with the rhythm of the song as well. Also, lots of beautiful girls are shown in the scenes of working out as it seems like they are the hamsters’ motivation to get fit. Afterwards, three slim hamsters are suddenly shown, driving the brand new Kia Soul that the designer designed to the red carpet. Every human being is giving them a round of applause as they arrive at the red carpet looking satisfied, with confidence. “Totally transformed” is the slogan of this advertisement that represents their hard work. Most of the time, a car commercial seems to be not effective at all. Purchasing a car is a huge investment since no consumer is going to buy a car just because of a single advertisement. The purpose of car commercials are there just to further entrench a company’s brand and image into consumers’ minds, and make sure that their name appears in their retrieval set. The retrieval set is really important to car companies because it determines whether their newly produced cars will sell well or not. Usually, most car ads only show the car being driven with a landscape in the background. It is hard to achieve the purpose of putting the image into consumers’ minds since they do not stand out. However, 2014 Kia Soul commercial is so successful that it has

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