Ford Company Union

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Business Organizations and Unions Establishing business organizations or small companies require various issues to consider and is not limited to the financial aspect of formation and workforce but also requires adherence to numerous legal laws. It is therefore necessary to research and ascertain that both management and its employees acclimatize themselves on these issues and work hand -in-hand to obtain their goals and objectives, thus resulting to the success of the organization. This paper will expound on the relationship between Ford Motor Company and the United Automobile Workers Union from its early years and the effects of the union to the organization. Ford Motor Company and United Automobile Workers Union The Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world founded by Henry Ford in 1903. The company manufactures and distributes automobile around the globe with famous vehicle brands produced such as Ford, Lincoln, Volvo, and Mercury. The company started and headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, and employs about 164,000 employees, and expanded to Europe with 73 plants after its globalization efforts in 1911 (MacAyeal, 2012). Henry Ford implemented the $5 daily wage for an 8-hour workday from $2.34 for 9-hour workday for male…show more content…
More collaboration and negotiation among the two parties occurred until the signing of the first contract on June 20, 1941 that include detailed back pay wages to more than 4,000 employees wrongfully discharged (History, 2012). Over the years, the relationship between Ford Motor Company and United Automobile Workers Union strengthened with various new programs, which secured health and pension benefits to the employees and policies geared toward production processes, and the quality of life of its employees and their families (Ford Motor Company,
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