Football And Cultural Representation

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[Writer Name] [Supervisor Name] [Subject] [Date] Football and Cultural Representation Introduction The football is special and is the ultimate sport for the masses. This game is famous all over the world. Football is considered to be the sport that is famous among the people of all the age groups. The football competitions are being watched in the whole world. This sport is also provides an opportunity for the people to show their strong connection and patriotism when their team plays on the local and international grounds. This is one of the reasons that football has direct impact on the culture and nationalism. There are various other fields in which the game of football causes its effects such as politics and economy. The aim of this paper is to discuss the football team of Brazil and Netherland and impacts that these two team cause on the politics, nationalism and economy of the country. Nationalism Football in Brazil has assumed a role that goes beyond a simple sport, becoming as a social phenomenon. Historically, it is possible to perceive two perspectives: as a means of ideological transmission and as an important element of Brazilian culture. The sport has taken on a role important in Brazil and has been discussed through various approaches, especially with regard to the allocation is made of even as a social phenomenon. Football in Brazil, within the context sports, is that it has received more attention. This is explained mainly by the popularity achieved in this sport in the wider context widespread in Brazilian society. Football can be seen as an integral important part of Brazilian culture. Sport expresses Brazilian society, and must therefore have its space provided. Brazilian football seen as a social practice, is also a means by which individuals express certain feelings the fact cheer for a team even when this do not win titles for many
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