Food4U Essay

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Question 1: Does Food4U, Inc., enjoy any competitive advantages or core competencies? Core competencies or also known as distinctive competencies can be defined as the special attributes or abilities that give an organization a competitive edge (Stevenson & Chuong). In other words competitive advantage is the advantage that an organization has compared to its other competitors which make it gain more sales as well as gaining and retaining more customers. The advantages can be in the form of a few aspects. For example product and service design. A product’s appearance is very important as it is the first thing that customer notice. The first impression is one of the important factors that influence the successful of a product or service. So, each product must be very attractive and eye-catching enough to attract customers. Other than that, a company can have an advantage in the production cost with a proper and strategic plan. To have a lower cost but higher productivity, a company might outsource a portion of its operation. Lower cost can be an advantage because the company can sell their product with the same or regular price as its competitor from a less capital, so that the profit will be higher. Strategic location is another advantage that can determine whether the business will become successful or fail. The location can be used to predict how many potential customers are available. However, the location selected must be in line with the targeted customers. Quality can be said as the major factor that customer will find. Regardless of the price of the product or services, there a still a lot of customers who will go for a better quality product. That means as long as the quality is good and maintained through times, the company will still can make profit no matter how long the business is going on. Apart from the above factors, flexibility is
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