Mis 458 Week 7 Business Level Strategy

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sMIS 458 – Strategic Management Week 7 – Business-Level Strategies Management Information Systems Department 2 Roots of Competitive Advantage: Business-Level Strategies 3 A Successful Business Strategy is.. • To create a successful business model, strategic managers must ▫ Formulate business-level strategies that will allow a company to attract customers away from its competitors  Optimization of competitive positioning ▫ Implement those business-level strategies, which also involves the use of functional-level strategies to increase responsiveness to customers, efficiency, innovation, and quality. 4 Business-Level Strategy & Competitive Positioning • Business-level strategy is the plan of action that strategic…show more content…
• A differentiator gains a competitive advantage because it has the ability to satisfy customers’ needs in a way that its competitors cannot, which allows it to charge a premium price for its product. • Premium prices → increased revenue → superior profitability • A differentiator invests its resources to gain a competitive advantage from superior innovation, excellent quality, and responsiveness to customer needs • A product’s appeal to customers’ psychological desires is a source of differentiation. ▫ Example? 13 Differentiation • Generally, a differentiator chooses to divide its market into many segments and offer different products in each segment • A differentiated company concentrates on developing distinctive competencies in the functions that provide competitive advantage ▫ These are still expensive! • A differentiator must control its cost structure to ensure the price of its products does not exceed the price customers are willing to pay for them • When differentiation stems from the design or physical features of the product, differentiators are at great risk of being imitated ▫ Example? • When differentiation stems from superior service or reliability, or from any intangible source a company is much more secure. ▫ Example?…show more content…
• Broad differentiators have developed business-level strategies to better differentiate their products and lower their cost structures simultaneously. ▫ Example? 18 The Broad Differentiation Business Model 19 Strategies in Fragmented Industries • Fragmented industry consists of a large number of small or medium-sized companies, none of which is in a position to determine industry price. ▫ Low entry barriers that permit constant entry so serves to keep an industry fragmented  Anyone can open a

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