Focus On Puritanism And Travel Narratives Assignment

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“Unit One Assignment-Focus on Puritanism and Travel Narratives in Colonial America (<1600-1783): The Journals of Captain John Smith, Edited by John M. Thompson” Captain John Smith, was an English soldier and an adventurer, as well as one of the founders of Jamestown, Virginia. Smith also led many expeditions exploring the Chesapeake Bay and the New England coast. Smith was just one of a hundred and five settlers who set sail from England in1606 looking for something new, and arrived in Virginia in 1607. When they reached North America, the group opened sealed instructions and learned that Smith had been chosen to be one of the new seven leaders of the colony. This was also controversial since Smith had been accused of mutiny while on the voyage. The settlers established Jamestown in 1607; but it did become the first permanent English settlement in North America. Smith was now the colony's leader and also led a number hunting and exploration expeditions around the area. On another trip later that year, Smith was taken captive by the Chief of the Powhatan Indians and was incidentally condemned to death. Pocahontas, daughter of the head Indian chief, saved Smith's life for she had a certain curiosity about the new English settlers. Pocahontas eventually married the English settler John Rolfe and later died of smallpox. By the end of the first year, most of the settlers had died of starvation or a common disease. After that disastrous first year, Smith finally imposed order by forcing everyone to work. He returned to England with furs but he never did return back to Virginia. The information Captain John Smith was trying to communicate in his writings was the central survival and set up of Jamestown itself. The author provides eyewitness accounts of his own capture and imprisonment by the Indians, his explorations of the Chesapeake Bay region, and various

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