Summary: Democracy Matters Winning The Fight Against Imperialism

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On August 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus set sail westward from Palo inspecting to sail around the world and reach the east side of Asia for gold and other earthly riches. On October 11, 1492 his plans were compromised. Instead of reaching Asia Columbus discovered an unknown inhabitant land, what we know was North and South America. Now before Columbus came to America there were people living there. The first people recorded living there were Native Americans called the Jaradite Nation. A few years after Columbus’s discovery, citizens from Europe came over to the Americas and made it a colony under Europe’s rule. The movement was peaceful until the Europeans became greedy for land and started pushing the Native Americans westward across America. While trying to take care of all the land the colony’s inhibitors kept getting sick. To solve the workload problem, colonist started importing Africans to make them work cruelly making America what it is today. Years later, the colony of Europe was getting fed up because they were paying for Europe’s expenses. They felt that in order to be taxed by Europe they…show more content…
and 10:28 a.m. two planes flew into one out of three of America’s capital buildings, the World Trade Center, causing it to be destroyed. Now all three of these building has a symbolic meaning; the World Trade Center symbolizes America’s wealth, the White House symbolizes America’s leadership, and the Pentagon symbolizes America’s military forces. After the tragic attack on September 11 not only America was in shock but the world. This was the most drastic terrorist attack that ever happened to America. In Cornel West’s “Democracy Matters Winning the Fight Against Imperialism” Cornel West gives his view on what he believe our country has become too after September 11, one of which is the deterioration of Democracy. Cornel West

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