Jamestown Movie Summary

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The movie begins in 1607 in England. A crew is getting ready to leave for the “ New World” bringing settlers from the Virginia Company. The ship that is taking them is the Susan Constant. The Susan Constant was actually the largest of the three Virginia Company ships. It led the 1607-1608 voyage of settlers that led to the founding of Jamestown. John Smith was aboard the ship and he helped influence the modern world by exploring the “New World”. His books and maps are extremely important in supporting the colonization of the Americas. Smith trained the settlers how to fight, farm, and build. He had a saying that was, “ he who shall not work, shall not eat.” The voyages leader was Governor Ratcliffe though. Ratcliffe was driven by gold and John Smith complained that they would run out of supplies and items if Ratcliffe kept trading. Ratcliffe was removed from the governor’s position and was later killed in 1609 by Native Americans. When the English arrive they set up Jamestown…show more content…
The English try to mingle with the natives but in the end they end up fighting. The English fight the Powhatan Tribe and end up killing a lot of them. This movie shows the way settlers and explorers were in the exploration age. The European countries would go to the “New World” and already act like they have owned it forever. The lust for gold drove the English to the Americas and to set up colonies. The movie really shows the saying, “God, Glory, and Gold”. John Smith who was more of an adventurer and then Ratcliffe who was in it for the gold. In reality though historians do not know whether or not Pocahontas and Smith really had a romantic relationship. Many believe they didn’t because historical documents state Pocahontas being around 10-11 years old and marrying John Rolfe later in life and becoming a Christian. John
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