Flowers for Algernon Questions Essay

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Flowers for Algernon Questions 1. One Question to the Author? Do you relate yourself to Charlie in some way? 2. Why was it a good short-story? I despised this short narrative; however, it may have been admired due to the fact you could totally see the whole perspective from the Main Character, Charlie, because he wrote Journal Entries. Also, it was good to see for the first time, to see the perspective from a mentally disabled person, I mean, would you expect a story to be successful if the main character was Mentally Disabled? No, however, this guy did it by turning the story in to numerous journal entries written by a mentally-disabled man in his 30’s, which gave us the ability to fully understand the feelings and actions of Charlie. 3. How does the Author want us to respond to the Character? The Author wants us to understand how Mentally Challenged people really do try hard to do what is normal; however, they are incapable which is why some people laugh at him. The Author may want some people to help, instead of teasing them and in the story an example is shown, a friend (not a good one until after) helps Charlie out due to the fact that some co-workers are bagging him. 4. What message does the writer want to leave the readers of this text? Don’t attempt to cheat the science of the brain. It is what it is. 5. Write another 2 paragraphs to add on to the story as if you are Charlie Gordon. July 26 I was going to leeve New York today but I couldn’t becoz I was very sad. I remembered Miss Kinnian, Dr Strauss, Dr Nemur and of corse Algernon. I couldnt leave them behind I just couldn’t. But how wud I face them again? I couldn’t. I couldn’t face Miss Kinnan or Dr Strauss or Dr Nemur. I don’t want to trouble them. But I can meet Algernon. Algernon would want to meet me. He up there. Up in the clouds and there I can play with him. Forever. No one will ever

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