Florida Drought Problems

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The drought in Florida has become an ongoing problem here over the past few years. Although Florida isn’t the only state in the country who has had this problem, Florida, unlike the other states haven’t really done much to make sure this problem goes away. The article in which I had printed out for my summary is titled, Blue [Green] Revolution: Florida Must Act Now is written by author Rain Araneda. The article was very helpful for my summary, as it stated many facts not only about Florida’s drought issues, but other states as well. The water issue became a problem here in Florida for many reasons. Some of these reasons include overdevelopment for houses and businesses, the draining of the wetlands, overconsumption, and too many Consumptive Use Permits for agricultural reasons. Unfortunately the problem is about more than just water. Year after year, millions of dollars is spent to try and fix this problem; however, the problem remains unsolved. The article states, that over the past thirty years, an estimated twenty million dollars has been spent in order to fix this major issue. Also, according to the…show more content…
It is no secret that more must be done towards this issue other than a few regulations. The state of Florida needs to change the way they view our water supply. This has been an issue here in the Sunshine State for quite some time now, and if nothing is done soon, the very future of Florida can hang in the balance. Water is needed for almost everything that we citizens do daily activities. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, showering, or even getting a glass of water to drink before bed, it is necessary that something is done sooner rather than

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