Flaws portrayed in Gulliver's Travels

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Gulliver's Travels The story, Gulliver's Travels was written to mock the ways of the English Society. The society was corrupt and a terrible place to live. Other then a Modest Proposal, this story showed how England needed to reform its ways in a humorous and sarcastic fashion. In one of Gulliver's adventures, he encountered the Whinm's. These creatures are horses but are very wise and peaceful. Throughout this adventure, Gulliver examined three flaws in English Society which include excess violence, dual human nature, and the stubbornness of society. While talking to the head Whinm about his country, Gulliver explains to her that his country is in war. The head Whynm explains to him that she can see no real reason to fight one another. This is said to show the English that their wars are not justified and that all problems should be worked out by word of mouth and not by violence. Also the Whynm points out that to fight over land is foolish and asks why everyone can not just share the land. This is written to be a question toward society asking why they must have wars over land and why it is important to have land of your own when one can share it with others. In this adventure satire is used because in our world we treat horses as stupid but in this particular adventure, they are very wise. This part of the story was meant to show the leaders of that time how irrational going to war was. Another flaw in human society examined in Gulliver's Travels was dual human nature. In the land Whynm's, there were two types of creatures, the Yahoo's which were very primal at best, and the Whynm's who were the perfect example of society. Both of these creatures where used as satiric devices. The Whynm's represented the people in society who have grown to be a very structured and want no war or conflict, and the Yahoo's represented the base of human nature which is

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