The Theme Of Innocence In America

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ritique of power- Americans “innocence” and ignorance, fighting a war they know nothing about - must have an in depth knowledge of country and people and tailor it to their needs - democracy= little value in an agricultural country that has functioned without democracy for so long- world with different conccepts different circumstnaces, not a material world - applies to personal level of Phuong and political level - people can be blinded to strict adherence to ideology • even in love pyle is determined to his ideology- views love in a intense romantic sense rather than through phuongs eyes as a need for financial security, sex and companionship • pyle falls in love as an attempt to help someone mirrors need to help Vietnamese as a nation…show more content…
18) Suffering doesn’t affect innocence/ pyle one must suffer to be a human being or at least regard suffering, pyle having never gotten rid of his innocnee hasn’t blind to suffering and alternative versions of the war *** motives and political/moral and moral consequences/dangers ** pyle idealistic, wont sway from ideas of a third force fowler won’t get involved but forced to choose sides- shows difficulties during cold war, inablitity to stay uninvolved ex.
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