Flawless Babies Essay

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Flawless Babies Imagine a world where people can choose exactly what they want their child to look and act like, A little scary right? Well scientists have done it. Everyone knows that scientists can genetically modify drugs and food, but the majority of people didn’t know that they can genetically modify babies. Genetically modifying babies, also known as designer babies, has been a debate amongst people for years now. The effect of actually doing something like this would be unethical, possibly dangerous to the baby itself, and potentially causing harm to society. Genetically modifying a baby is done by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). PGD is done by taking an egg from a female and injecting the male’s sperm into it, all of this is done in a laboratory. They let the fertilized egg grow for a few days and then embryologists’ (some that works with embryos, eggs, and sperm) removes one of the cells and test it for diseases, in which case if there is any it can be removed. PGD is beneficial to people with a long history of certain diseases but what is stopping people of from using it in a non-beneficial way? The human race strives on society’s expectations of what a person should be like. “Adolf Hitler was on a quest to create a race of Aryan Blond, blue-eyed and tall people. Creating designer babies is believed to be on the same lines” (Johnson, Priya). Genetically modifying a baby has brought up a lot of ethical issues people who are religious might say that it would be going against God’s wishes. Would this be considered playing God’s role? Being able to choose what a babies eye color, short or tall, blonde or black hair would somewhat of a way be “playing God’s role” to a religious person. “The human race must stop trying to play God by messing with genetics and embryo alterations, and this is exactly what the designer babies debates are all about”

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