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6/20/12 Fisher-Price - Term Papers - Business Search of Essay or other Projects... full version Fisher-Price Essay Search Fisher-Price Category: Business Autor: ukbasu 10 May 2010 Words: 1651 | Pages: 7 I. PROBLEM This case study is a microcosm of the many concepts of marketing, many of them far removed from what appears to be a simple price-point problem. That price-point problem is stated in the beginning – a mold price for a projected toy can't be made for a budgeted price, thereby resulting in the need for a higher price. This was a strong point of departure for the Fisher-Price company, since few of its items had sold for more than $5. Hence Fisher-Price must decide whether it should go head with the production the ATV Explorer for the launch of the ATV explorer in its 1971-72 line of products. II. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Strengths (Internal) • Fisher-Price is a leading toy manufacturer, producing a wide range of quality toys at moderate prices. It has a reputation for intrinsic play value, good value for money, ingenuity, strong construction and action. • Fisher-Price has relatively good market for specialty toys. It has grown substantially over recent years due to product and pricing strategy. • Fisher-Price is the best know brand for toys and has a larger market share (64.7%) than any other company and is the brand being brought most often (82.7%). • Fisher-Price ranks first in brand loyalty - it has a good brand loyalty (60.5%). • The company is a well-run organization and has acquired professional management expertise from diverse industries. • The number of children under six years of age, who plays with toys, is on the rise in the near foreseeable future. • Fisher-Price has an excellent sales history and it has increased every year during the last 10 years. • The core competence of the company includes very effective product

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