Brand Audit of Sony

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Asian Branding- Brand audit of SONY Maria Wethal- 16.11.2014 The Sony Corporation, also referred to as Sony, was founded after the Second World War in Tokyo, Japan. Being on of the leading manufactures in electronics, they have a diversified product line within the electronics-, games-, and entertainment sector. Sony’s products have contributed to a new era in electronics worldwide, with products like the Walkman, the Discman and the PlayStation. Brand Analysis Operating in four different segments and with a lot of different products, they have a big customer base. Because of their strong brand most of the consumers view Sony’s product as high- quality, which reduces the risk for the customers when buying a new product. Due to the fact that Sony’s brand has been well established for many years, it has been easier for them to introduce new products to the customers. The customers identify Sony as a brand that is customer- oriented and have products with high quality, and this becomes an assurance when buying a related product within product lines. Because of this it becomes easier for Sony to attract both existing and new customers. Sony have been able to introduce innovative products that customer didn’t really think they need, but that have become a huge success when adopted by the consumers. This has further contributed to Sony’s great customer loyalty. Since Sony operates in many different product categories and reach out to a lot of different customer segments, this contributes to them having a lot of competitors as well. Although remaining a force to be reckoned with within the electronics sector, they have lost their leadership position to some of their competitors. Companies like Apple, who are ranked 1st as the most valuable brand in the world, could become a direct competitor if they expand their product line. The biggest

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