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Anna Quindlen’s essay: Homeless Meaning 1. What is Quindlen’s Thesis? The thesis of Quindlen is the change of view on homeless people, who are not deprived of their homes and suffer but, in contrast, they are free of their homes and they are not bound to specific place others call home. 2. What distinction is Quindlen making in her conclusion with the sentences “They are not homeless. They are people who have no homes.”? The author stresses that homeless people are just free of their homes and bounds imposed on them by social norms. They are not inferior as homeless means but they are superior because they are free, they have nothing to depend upon. 3. Why does Quindlen believe that having a home is important? Home is very important that’s why it can make people feel security and should be shelters. Home brings a feeling of belongingness for everybody. Strategy 1. Why do you think Quindlen begins with the story of Ann? How else might Quindlen have begun her essay? The story of Quindlen wants to draw the readers in and illustrates her point. It also strengthen Quindlen’s suggestion that we should focus on particular people. Quindlen might have begun with a statement of her opinion. 2. What is the effect of Quindlen’s examples of her own home? The examples bring Quindlen to earth and enlarge the loss suffered by the homeless. 3. What key assumptions does the author make about her audience? Are the assumptions reasonable? Where does she specifically address an assumption that might undermine her view? She assumes that the readers have a home and they feel about it. Some people don’t feel as strong as as Quindlen does. 4. How does Quindlen vary the sentences in paragraph 7 that give examples of why homeless people avoid shelters? The sentences are long and short, simple and complex. She uses comparison of writing strategy. So people avoid the shelters are simple and

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