Unit 246 Supporting Person Centered Thinking and Planning

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246 Support person-centred thinking and planning 1.1 Person-centred planning is a set of approaches designed to assist someone to plan their life and supports. It is used most often as a life planning model to enable individuals with disabilities or otherwise requiring support to increase their personal self-determination and improve their own independence. Person-centred thinking is separating what is important to from, what is important for The people they support and finding a balance between them, person-centred planning reflects upon a person’s capacities, what is important to a person (now and for the future) and specifies the support they require to make a valued contribution to their community. Services are delivered in the context of the life a person chooses and not about slotting people into “gaps”. 1.2 what is important to the person - what matters to them, from their perspective clearly identifies the supports that the person requires - what is important for them to stay healthy and safe, and it identifies what needs to stay the same or be enhanced in the person’s life, and what needs to change (in order that the person has more of what is important to them in their life). Actions are set that identifies what need to change and who will do this by when. 1.3 Person-centred thinking can make a huge difference to individuals and their families. It gives them a feeling of being important, of being part of the decisions that are made. Sometimes when people have to leave their own homes or lose some of their mobility, they can feel very alone. They can easily think that there is nothing left in life for them. This can bring on low self-esteem and depression. We need to let these people now that there are people who will help assist them and help with their needs and care for them. They need to know that they have friends, not just someone who comes in to

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