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Fillipo Taglioni Rowan Rossi Fillipo Taglioni is among the dancers and choreographers most closely associated with Romanticism than any other person. He was both a great dancer and choreographer. Romantic style ballet a movement that valued emotion, imagination, intuition and individualism, it affected every art form in the early 19th century and arose after the French revolution. It is one of the most remembered periods in ballet history because of new dance techniques, costumes, and methods of presentation which are still used today, and the great choreographic works, which are still famous even now. Fillipo Taglioni was born in Milan, Italy. At 17 years old he made his debut in Pisa. He then went on to perform in Livorno, Florence, and Paris. Fillipo became a dancer with the Paris Opera and later in his career he accepted an offer to become a principle dancer and Ballet Master with the Royal Swedish Ballet, in Stockholm. Taglioni Married Sophie Stebnowska, who was also a dancer. They had two children, Paul and Marie Taglioni who were both dancers. Marie Taglioni went on to become one of the worlds greatest ballerinas, and the first to dance an entire ballet on pointe. Filippo and his family lived in Vienna and Germany, but he moved them to Paris to escape Napoleonic wars. From there he moved to Vienna to take part in the Theatre Am Karntnertor. Once settled he sent for Marie to join him, who had been studying ballet in Paris. When she arrived Fillipo was displeased with her progress in dance and took it upon himself to train her. Fillipo was strict and tough. He had her practice ballet 6 hours a day for 6 months and had no sympathy for her bleeding toes. He was determined to train her so that her dance style seemed light and delicate, especially with an emphasis on

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