Fetterman Massacre Essay

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Fetterman Massacre The Fetterman massacre was a significant battle written in the early stages of British colonization in Wyoming. It was also known as the Red Cloud's War, even though the Indian chief Red Cloud wasn't even directly involved, and it was known toIndian people as the Battle of the Hundred Slain. In June of 1866, the United States Government organized a great Peace conference with the Sioux and the Cheyenne at Fort Laramie. Civil War William T. Sherman headed the council with great chiefs who were Dull Knife, Spotted Tail and Red Cloud. Sherman wanted permission for white emigrants to cross the Indian lands as well as for permission to build three forts on the Bozeman Trail. Red Cloud of the Oglala announced that no such concession would be made especially since he had seen soldiers marching off to build the forts before they even had permission, as they wanted him to accept the decision to allow emigrants to settle on the last of the great Sioux hunting grounds. He angrily broke off the talks and stormed off, and vowed to defend the territory and shut down the trail, when he was unable to reach agreement with the army negotiators, he resorted to sending out war parties that attacked emigrants and army patrols. These hit and run tactics were difficult for the army to deal with and at the time the Indians arrived on the scene of the attack, the war parties had disappeared. Fort Phil Kearny was one of three forts on the Bozeman trail connecting the Platte River with mines of Montana. Although Red Cloud decided to shut down the trail, the government ordered the trail had to be kept open at all costs. Colonel Henry Carrington was put in charge at Fort Kearny to command the 18th Infantry Regiment to build the series of posts along the trail. In November, Captain William Fetterman joined the regiment. He was experienced in
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