Attitudes Towards Race In Indigenous People's Lives Summary

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OPPOSING ENCOUNTERS: ATTITUDES TOWARDS RACE IN EMILY CARR’S STORIES. There is an inherent duality in Ms. Carr experiences in the villages and her attitudes towards the indigenous people and what the colonizing Society thinks of the indigenous people. Ms. Carr represents the indigenous people as generous whereas the colonizing population portrays them as the absolute opposite of her experiences and this leads to two contradicting understandings of the indigenous people. However, Ms. Carr experiences in the villages overweighs the understandings of the colonizing society about the indigenous people since the stories dwell more on Ms. Carr’s experiences in the villages. This essay explores both the positive and the negative attitudes of the colonizing Society and the indigenous people towards the issues of race, their personal values and the role that Ms. Carr plays in challenging the colonizing Society as people who have wrong perceptions of the indigenous people. The essay first explores the positive…show more content…
The Indians’ actions of chasing out missionaries and driving off surveyors with axes and not allowing whites in their villages portrays them as people who have a pessimistic attitudes towards the other races. The Colonizing Society also portrays the antagonistic/hostile attitude toward other races. This is seen in the mounted policeman’s conversation with Ms. Carr in Kitwangak. “We have no end of trouble with those people- chased missionaries out and drove out surveyors off with axes- simply won’t have whites in their village” (148). The colonizing Society also has the pessimistic attitude of hostility and unfriendliness with the Indians and they advised Ms. Carr not to visit Kitwancool. “ White men told about the Kitwancool poles too, but when I told them I wanted to go there, they advised me “keep out” (138). No, I would certainly have said, ‘keep out’

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