Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Movie Review

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Movie Review The movie was made to show how the Indians in the United States were treated so unfairly by the United States government. The Indians were the first on this land but the settlers were determined that they had more right to the land than the Indians did. The Story is of Charles Eastman who is half Sioux Indian and was taken from his tribe, by his father, at a young age to be Americanized in public schools. He went on to learn and to be very well educated and became a doctor. For a while he worked for the government trying to help with Indian right, and settlement separation. The government was trying to take the land in the Black Hills from them for mining, but that land was sacred to the Indians. The motivation of the movie is the showing of Eastman’s childhood and him growing up to do everything he can to help the Indian tribes. This movie relates to the course because it shows the English settlers claiming this land to be their own when obviously there were already people here, and we covered people settling in the United Stated and the Indian Laws and Territories. Charles Eastman: Main Character, He was a Doctor who was once part of the Sioux Indian tribe. He spent his life fighting for the well-being and rights of the Indians. Elaine Goodale: She was a teacher on an Indian reserve who married Eastman and also spent her life looking out for the well-being of Indians and making the most out of the reservation. Sitting Bull: He was the leader of the Sioux tribe that wouldn’t have any part of Americanization or sign any government form to move from their lands. Red Cloud: another Indian chief who only wanted peace with the white men. Red Cloud made Sitting Bull mad by signing the government papers, and in the end he was seeing that signing with the United States Government did nothing for his tribe. Senator Daws:

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