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------------------------------------------------- Fashion Café DeVry University Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship 02/16/2012 ------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents Fashion café 4 business overview reason why the business failed Small business failure 6 background information on small business failure reasoning on why small businessess fail Anaylising on Fashion café 7 my opinion what could have been done to keep the business running References 9 Fashion Café founded by Francesco Buti and Tommaso Buti and launched in 1995 by supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer and Elle MacPherson. Fashion café wasn’t just one location they had a chain of restaurants. They opened a Fashion Café in New York City and London, two of the most infamous places to present, build and establish a business. Fashion Café was a vision to introduce fashion and food together. The supermodels believed that the two would create a world of success and bring people who loved food and fashion together as one. The design of the restaurant shows how fashion was apart of the supermodels life and they wanted to show everyone that. In a video Claudia said, “ There’s not a restaurant anywhere in the world that is just dedicated to just Fashion.” The Associated Press called Fashion Café “a couture version of Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Café.” Fashion Café was first opened and introduced to New York City in Rockefeller Center in 1995. Than in 1996 is when the London chain was established. As soon as the business opened there was problems, and in any business if you’re not fully prepared to open a business DON’T- because that’s the first sign of failure. Matt Haig, author of Brand Failures, said that “The connection between models and food was

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