Families in Today's Society. Essay

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Everyday a person is rushed to get things done, make money, meet a deadline, or just get some rest. Like the life of most students, their day consists of being at school all day and work most of the evening. When a student gets home everybody is usually asleep, or depending on the household people are still at work. This probably wouldn’t have happened 30 years ago when most women stayed home and didn’t have to work. But this is what happens to a good amount of families today. Society today has a more expensive cost of living which may require two sources of income or even more. So now we have almost all women active in the work force and people are rushed which leaves little room for those key moments in family life. But its the cycle of work all the time and rest with what little time is left that makes it hard to live any other way. It has also made it easier for families to fall apart under the pressure that is made from this life style. Its this environment that people live in that makes it so difficult to have a good family. It takes away three main factors that are needed to have a good family. Time for communication, the urge to have a close organized family, and the inability to get a divorce. One of the things that has been pushed out are, the key moments that help families communicate and bond. An example being when people are hurried and are at work or school all day they usually don’t have time to sit and eat together or sometimes even see each other at all. This can create a lack of communication, and over time cause problems. Some families find ways to cope with it, others may just fall apart. The ones that learn to cope with it use what little time in between to see each other and spend time communicating. On the other hand families can be so hurried and busy that they can’t find any time for those moments in family life that mean so much to the
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