Fahrenheit 451 Relationships

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“You’re not like the others. I’ve seen a few; I know. When I talk, you look at me. When I said something about the moon, you looked at the moon, last night. The others would never do that.” This quote comes from the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury; this marks the change that occurs in the main character, Guy Montag, throughout the novel. In this not so distant future the people of the world are possessed by modern technology thus never allowing time for any real relationships to develop. There could be no relationship with others because Guy had no relationship with himself. It was only when he broke through the conformity was he able to develop a relationship with someone else. In this world there is no “Eros” type of loving, which is known as the powerful and passionate style of loving that blazes to life suddenly and dramatically (Wood 332). Truthfully there is no real love; everything is a shallow form of the word fueled only by sex. This is mainly due to the lack of interpersonal communication in the characters. This novel helps to paint a picture of a world that could one day be real, it allows us to evaluate our relationships with ourselves and how it affects our relationships with others. The main character Guy Montag is known as a “firefighter”, but instead of putting out fires he starts them. His job is to burn any and all books that are found and in doing so prevent the people of the world from developing any real ideas for themselves. Montag has three relationships that help in his personal transformation; this includes Clarisse, Mildred and Faber. These three characters aide him in many ways and help him to make a discovery in which he becomes an individual. This novel allows the reader to realize how important interpersonal communication is to society, without it there is no room to develop meaningful relationships or new outlooks on life as we
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