Fahrenheit 451 Censorship

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Fahrenheit 451 (Censorship) Why do a variety of U.S. school boards ban the novel “Fahrenheit 451” when it is in violation of the first amendment? Book censorship is no stranger to the U.S., a place where free speech is considered to be very strong. The novel “Fahrenheit 451” is censored in cities and towns all over the country for a multitude of reasons such as religion, or simply because parents and teachers do not agree with the content of the book. However, the first amendment tells the government to keep its “hands off” our religion, our ideas, and our ability to express ourselves. I believe school boards should not restrict the availability of “Fahrenheit 451” or any book to its students simply because they only disagree with the ideas or content of the book. Even though a book might be banned from a school library, students have access to the largest public facility in the world, the internet. The internet connects the world through social media and has the ability to find the answer to any question. With just the click of a button any book (no matter what the content) can be found on the world wide web. Also Technology has offered us so many advantages to finding, buying, downloading, and reading books anytime, and anywhere. “Book” devices such as the nook, the kindle, and the i-pod offer us downloading sites for books at cheap prices so if a student can not find the specific book they are looking for they can simply go onto their device and download the book for a cheap price. The American Library Association has proven book banning has gone down at a very high percent since the release of the kindle in 2007. So then, my question is “why go through all that trouble to ban a book from a public library when you can simply just download it from the internet?” School boards should not have the ability to ban or

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