Open Letter : How to Kill a Mockingbird

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Education is the key to success and through the 1900s children younger than six years of age learned to read which helps you write and understand proper grammar even with the Great Depression going on, children still gave their all in learning. Looking between era’s life has completely changed; children would not be out and about but would stay home and read novels which gave them understanding and knowledge. Now in our society the internet is basically our knowledge, many youngsters do not care for but if they need a source of information they just need to click on their computers and find the answer instead of retrieving information from a book. Why Lee would hold these views of literacy in the 21st century is because humanity has evolved in such a quick time, but as people we have not grown as we are supposed to. “[We live] in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones iPods and minds like empty rooms” by far this quote really does describe our society because we get everything we want yet we cannot grasp how to use proper literacy. Though 75 years ago children would read for fun because it was the only thing they could do like an example: would be African-American children they had to share one book with three other kids but could not complain and young children would always have some that would read to them. Lee is trying to yield out to the generations of the next ones saying your knowledge may be wrong if you get it on the internet, Lukudu 2 but if you read a book you could obtain more information and you can open up to more concepts. I absolutely

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