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Factors Affecting Self Concept Essay

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  • on June 12, 2013
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Factors affecting self concept
Self concept is based on the following:
• Self image which is your thinking of who you are.
• Ideal self which who you would like to be
• Self esteem which is how you like to value yourself.
I will be using the David and Will scenario to write about factors that might have influenced the brother’s self-concept
Age: David and Will’s self concept is changed from childhood to adulthood   David’s self image of himself is that he has turned really successful from his childhood as he passed is GCSE and got to collage, passed his A Levels and as he move to adulthood he got a really good job and has a really good livings and he values his self because he achieved what he aimed to achieve in his childhood so therefore David has a really good self concept however Will’s life is affect   by self concept and his self concept is not really good as in his teenage years he didn’t think good about himself   and didn’t know what he want to be and his teenage years affect his self concept because as most people start taking drug at time age because of the stress so therefore he started taking drugs and start smoking and as he got old he got heavy in drugs and in results of that he lost his job and doesn’t valve has much as David does.  
Appearance is The way that someone or something looks , an impression given by   someone and appearances had affected David and will’s self concept because David is good looking, tall and fit he knows this by him going to the gym and playing sport and in result of his good looking he has a girlfriend and he is engaged to her so therefore David is happy with his appearance and this tell us that his self concept is good   you need to explain clearly how this factor affects his self concept. however Will’s self concept is not good for his appearance the way he looks this is because he is skinny or underweight and not as good looking as David as   he has started taking drugs and drinking alcohol at a very young age and...

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